Seminar Training

To use QuickBooks accurately, you must be properly trained.

As the non-accountant’s accounting software,  QuickBooks has greatly simplified the bookkeeping process, but no accounting package, however user-friendly, can be operated properly without sufficient understanding of its features and functionality

You will learn QuickBooks essentials the right way. Our one day computer-based seminar will provide you with step by step instructions from setup, entering transactions through bank reconciliations. The seminar is not simply an overview of the software, it will cater to your individual type of industry and show you how to enter specific transactions. You will train with the real thing, you will “learn by doing”. You get a workbook loaded with short-cuts and helpful hints so you can review any lesson covered in the class.

Part One

Accounting Basics / Introduction to QuickBooks
Company File Setup/Customizing
Preferences and Lists
Managing Revenues/Sales Estimates
Entering Expenses and Paying Bills
Entering Credit Card Expenses/Credit Card Reconciliation

Part Two

Bank Reconciliations
Entering Inventory
Managing Sales Tax
Time Tracking
Payroll Setup and Payroll Processing
Adjustments and Year-End Procedures

What is provided?

  1. A detailed workbook that will guide you as we go through each phase of the Quickbooks training. This workbook is structured so you can go back and review a specific section of the training even after you return to your office.  This workbook will also include a FAQ section which will provide easy solutions to your questions.
  2. Individual laptop computers are provided for training purposes and are previously loaded with the latest version of QuickBooks.  This will allow those students who are familiar with laptop computers to transition quicker into the subject matter of QuickBooks setup.  (If you are not familiar with the use of a laptop or PC, we would recommend that you acquaint yourself with the keyboard and functions of this type of equipment prior to class.)
  3. For those students that want to use their own laptops and software,  we will provide assistance prior to class with uploading the QuickBooks as needed. (Do not forget a power supply for your laptop)